Mom’s Special Love for Common Daisies


My mom is very fond of growing flowers that have wonderful colors complimenting one another. I noticed the first flowers she fondly took care of were common daisies called Bellis perrenis. These daisies are originally from Europe. Today they are found in America and Australia. What’s beautiful about these flowers is that they can bloom for a long time; they can even grow in during winter time if properly cared for.

I remember Mother’s delicate handling of her daisies. Every morning you would see her sweeping off old leaves that had fallen on the ground. She would also pull out weeds that began to grow on the ground too. Even though daisies are among the most low-maintenance flowers she still sees to it that they’re well taken care of with extra special care. And in return, they’d bloom in beauty and dance with the wind.

I was very much intrigued by the loveliness of her flowers that I asked her to show me how she takes care of them. My mom, being a green thumb, shows them her love by cultivating their soil frequently. She would dig right through the soil slowly in order to not hit the root with her trowel. She would then take out unnecessary things growing inside around the roots like weeds or the roots of other plants. To help with roots not growing into the area of another planted flower they shouldn’t be planted too closely together. Daisies should be planted 18” to 24” apart.

She would also remove rocks so that they would not interfere with the proper growth of the roots. Then she would pour in the fertilizer, but only in the early stages of their development. This would help nourish the soil for the flowers to grow healthy. The fertilizer should be phosphorous rich. Next she would water them just enough because Mom said some flowers don’t need much water to grow and Daisies were among those flowers. Lastly, never forget the mulch that will keep the soil moist so that the water is retained over long periods of time.

Flowers are considered to be one of life’s living items that continue the life cycle of the plants surrounding us because of the seeds they produce and spread. During historical times when flowers were grown for more than just beauty Daisies were revered. People would grow them for medicinal purposes. My Mom’s Daisies were not only a source of loveliness they were also a source for many homemade remedies she used. One homemade remedy was for coughs. She would boil daisy leaves and would drink it as tea. She claimed this tea also served as a remedy for a low appetite. She would also make Daisy infused oil which she applied to sprains, bruises and places where she had aches and pains. She claimed they had mild anti-inflammatory affects.

Of all of the flowers that Mom grew Daisies is the one I remember the most for healing. So whenever I don’t feel well I can have my Mom close to me by using something she taught me as a little girl. Each flower she grew brings me a wonderful memory and this is my best memory for Daisies. What’s your best Daisy memory?

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