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Chives in a Window Box

Chives are the tinniest species of edible onions. Just like onions this herb grows in clumps but is also grown for its vibrant leaves and flowers. The chive bulb blooms every spring and summer, and then enters a long slumber … Continue reading

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European Influence of Rosemary

Enchanting, colorful and aromatic; rosemary is a perfect ornament to have around the house or in the garden. This is the reason why I love keeping this herb around and why this intense herb is the perfect partner for chicken … Continue reading

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Coriander Versatile Herb Worthy of a Place in My Home Garden

  Photo Credit: Cilantro, dhania, chinese parsley – these are the other names of coriander, which remains a favorite herb of mine ever since I started my own garden. Aside from that, I had good memories of my mom … Continue reading

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A Haven from My Mom’s Hands

  Photo Credit: Shutterstock Most days, as long as the weather permitted, my mom loved to spend as much time as she could in her garden which was located at the far end of our yard. If you didn’t find … Continue reading

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Bonding and Basil

Photo Credit: Love to Know   Is it because of its aromatic leaves that smell like anise, or maybe its variety of flavors that make me crave more? Whatever it is this herb has me hooked to its lemony-mint flavor. … Continue reading

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Colors of Chrysanthemums

Photo Credit: Lehman College Nothing brings back the innocent memories of a summer romance like chrysanthemums. Its dusty musty scent never fails to bring back allot of happy memories of young love. Memories when I spent one lovely summer in … Continue reading

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Mom’s Special Love for Common Daisies

My mom is very fond of growing flowers that have wonderful colors complimenting one another. I noticed the first flowers she fondly took care of were common daisies called Bellis perrenis. These daisies are originally from Europe. Today they are … Continue reading

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For the Love of Sunflowers

The sight of blooming sunflowers, the crispiness of the air and the sweet smell of ocean breeze; yep, its summer once again! As a child this is the season of the year where I spent my days playing in an … Continue reading

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Holiday Herb Sage

Thanksgiving will never be complete without a turkey, and a turkey will never be as great without sage rubbed on it. A word of culinary wisdom from my Grandmother who loves to host Thanksgiving dinner for the family every single … Continue reading

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